The Beauty of Botanica


I was introduced to Botanica a few years back my Mum had visited the  Royal Dublin Horse Show in August, its a show she always makes the effort to visit as you will see some of the finest horses in the world there, and some of the worlds greatest Show Jumpers.  There is always a great buzz at the Show.   Mum came home with some new face cream that she was excited to try and she gave me the bumph on it and I saw that it wasn’t only for people but animals too! 

Bob AKA as fantastic Mr Bob! is my daughters Shetland pony he came over from Ireland in 2014 , Bob has been the most amazing  friend.  He has been to pony club rallies, hunting, fancy dress , attended Birthday Parties and also has been a great nanny to the young horses.

Bob has had two problems! one being his lack of teeth! so he is fed simple system horse feeds twice a day and secondly he has really itchy skin, he would itch himself raw. Some days you wouldn’t be able see him because he was actually in the hedge having a good scratch. I clipped him every year and treated him with all sorts of potions and creams that I had been recommended, but none had a lasting effect. 

Bob is a very old pony, I just wanted him to be comfortable. I ordered some of the Botanica wash and the Anti Itch cream and used it as I was advised,  the itching almost went instantly and the sores healed up after a week or two. I never have to clip him anymore.

I am a big fan of the Botanica line I have a huge file of testimonials from happy customers and I am very pleased to be able to add Botanica to my Feel Good Horse business.

P.s The wash and cream is in my first aid Kit, it is brilliant for cuts and grazes, insect bites, nettle stings and sunburn