No Foot No Horse

As the old saying goes! No foot no horse

With constantly changing weather conditions the horses feet are under a huge amount of stress.

It is important to clean out and check the hooves and heals daily.  Having a routine visit from a good farrier and keeping your horse on a balanced diet.

These are 2 of my top products for hoof care

Kevin Bacon,Hoof Dressing  A hoof dressing tested by  various farriers, veterinarians, and pharmacists, “miracle cure” for dry, brittle hooves.   A product made of animal fats, vegetable oils, and laurel extract (obtained by maceration) that truly penetrated the horn to keep moisture inside the hoof. The beneficial actions of laurel extract were not necessarily unknown at the time, but by doing the extraction you could see the concentrations of active ingredients that it contained.

Omega Alpha Miner EQ MinereQ  is a nutritional supplement that provides the vitamins and minerals that your horse needs to stay healthy. This formulation uses all-natural, premium quality ingredients prevent the splitting or chipping of hooves. The supplement is also easy to dispense, as it can be mixed into your horse’s food for oral administration. Omega Alpha MinerEQ’s ingredients work to aid in muscle, bone, ligament, and hoof maintenance. 1KG