Beat the Bitter mornings with Back on Track



Back on Track® has a product Range that works with infrared heat reflection technology. Through scientific medical knowledge developed using advanced textile production methods. They have created a ceramic wellness textile called Welltex.  The Welltex fabric contains ceramic particles that have the ability to reflect body heat in the form of infrared heat radiation. Infrared radiation is a known energy form used to increase well-being and generates a favorable effect for muscles and joints. The reflected heat helps to reduce muscle tension, supporting blood circulation which can aid the recovery process from injury and strain.

The Back on Track Loin Rug is designed to cover the quarters, with straps to attach to the saddle to keep it in place. It is made with a breathable polyester outer layer and lined with the revolutionary Welltex. It is ideal for horses with a tendency to tying up and for keeping the quarter muscles warm during exercise, particularly during cold weather.Rug Loin 


#1 warm and waterproof  #2 infrared technology #3 easy to attach #4 warm up/cool down #5 machine washable # 6 smart